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Intelligent Manufacturing

Stamping Workshop 

High-speed punching machine brands: KYORI, CHEN LI

Tonnage: 25T-60T

Main advantage:CCD on line monitoring, gantry punch

Plastic Injection Workshop

Plastic injection machine brands: ZHAFIR, YIZUMII

Tonnage: 90-250T

Main advantage: central feeding system

Pin Inserting Workshop

Self-developed fully automatic assembly machine
Applicable pin nos.: 2 pin ~ 12 pin
Main advantage:CCD on line monitoring, 0 defect control of pin missing

Tooling Workshop

Tooling process equipment: CHARMILLES WEDM-LS and SODICK WEDM-LS with 2μm machining precision.
Main advantage: imported high precision processing equipments, and tooling processing management software

Intelligent Logistics Warehousing

1. Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse for copper materials, toolings, and semi-finished products, AVG intelligent delivery of copper materials, and semi-finished products. 
2. Intelligent material receiving in plastic injection workshop,  intelligent delivery of semi-finished plastic parts.

Future Intelligent Factory

The new digital fully automated production base for new energy products is at the stage of factory planning and logistics planning. It is expected that the first phase will be put into operation in 2025, with an annual output value of 2 billion CNY and an efficiency improvement of 300%.